Vullierens, Switzerland - our Swiss base
Just after moving in - 1983
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Living room
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New Kitchen - 2001 (click)
Kitchen replacement 2001
Garden January 2003 (click)
Winter January 2003 (click)
Boris - winter 2000 (click)
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Driveway January 2003 (click)
Village/Church Jan 2004 (click)
January 2004 (click)
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January 2004
January 2006 (click)
Village/Church Jan 2006 (click)
January 2006 (click)
46 34 25.96 N, 6 28 37.20 E
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Vullierens - my vacation place in Switzerland:

This is where I live when I am not in Brasil or France......
Constructed from August 1982 to April -83 (moved in with the help of a lot of
friends on
April 30, 1983). Layout and original drawings by me. Architect and
site supervisor:
Hatra (I think they are out of business by now). For 6 months,
Andre and myself spent every week-end and many evenings working like
madmen to bring the project in within the (slim) budget.

The project turned out OK and the best proof is that I am still in there today -
almost 30 years later.
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January 2009 (click)
January 2009 (click)
May 2009 (click)
May 2009 (click)
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Improvement Projects 2010
Wallpaper off (click)
Floor Laminate (click)
New wardrobe (click)
Almost finished (click)
Old Monster (click)
New Paint Job (click)
Bedroom Upgrade
New Heating System
Last Piece Out (click)
Heat Pump - Outside Unit
Inside Unit (click)
New Balcony Tiles (click)
New Tiles
Inside Unit (click)
Computer (click)
New CellarTiles (click)
Improvement Project 2011
Internal Doors from Black to White
Stair Cases/Upper Hall
Buanderie Upgrade
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