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A bit of history
Our Human Environment
Man's best friend
Moving time.....
Secondary residence in France since 1988
My home in Switzerland since 1983
Anna's & Fabio's House Construction
The Harley trip with Ruedi & Pinky
Summer 2005 in pictures
Christmas & New Year 2005/06
How much money has been wasted...????
Various Pictures of friends....
BBQ in Kroksjön - August 16, 2006
Summer 2006 in pictures
The Brazilian Zoo - mainly Anelyse's domain......
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Winter 2006/07 in Europe
Summer 2007 in pictures
Anna's & Fabio's 1st daughter - our 1st Grand-daughter
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Picture(s) of the Month
Various Souvenirs - Under Construction
© Bengt Berg
© Bengt Berg
Anna's & Fabio's 2nd daughter - our 2nd Grand-daughter
Sara's & Sylvain's 1st daughter - our 3rd Grand-daughter