Agay - Paradise on Earth
Agay, Cote d'Azur, France:

This is where I plan to spend 2-3 summer months while avoiding August if possible.

A small Provencal cottage sitting on the slopes of the Bastide Hill in Agay. This
pearl was acquired in 1988 from a German lady (Mme Braun) who had
constructed it in 1973.

Agay is situated some 7 km east of St Raphael and some 25 km west of Cannes
on the Cote d'Azur. Have a look at this fabulous
link (choose "La Baie d'Agay"
option in Phototeque/Photos Panomariques 360°). It gives you a good idea of
the paradise conditions one can experience here.

The typical pointed hill just in front is the Dramont half island with a lighthouse at
the top.

The terrace in front of the house has experienced quite a lot of "festas" and a few
pictures will illustrate this (see below).

A lot of energy has been spent on keeping up this place but also quite some time
of relax.

Agay was also the birthplace of Boris who just adored to come back there.

Some pics from the surroundings
- pic1 - pic2 - pic3
Click on the above pictures to better appreciate the facial expressions of
Otto and Michael. There are a few drinks time lap in between.
Visiting friend Peter put to work while....
.....wife Ginette manages a moment of relax
Boris saying hello to Bruno and Elif
Fabio sanding a door before repainting
Party crowd July 2000
Party crowd July 2001
The cottage - click
View from the terrace - click
Dining area
Glimpse of living room
Improvements - 2002
New Dish Washer
New Built-In Oven & Hotte
The View in winter
The Cottage in Agay
Google Earth Coordinates (Kitchen):
43 25 54.14 N, 6 52 52.44 E
Enter this (exactly) in the "Fly to" window:
Repainting Upper Floor with Peter - May 2006
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New Electrical Cabinet - 2008
Old beauty
New during installation
Installation complete
New toilets - 2008
Old dismounted
Main bath prepared for new wc
New ones ready for installation
Wall repair and new cabinets - 2008
Ugly stuff...
Repainted walls, some new cabinets with inox feet instead of socles
New main water valve
Garden cleaning
More garden cleaning
Various - 2008
Summer - 2009
Mona in action
The best paint crew
Anders replacing roof tiles
Anders repairing shutter holders
Anders, Gunilla, Peter & Ginette
Christer & Mona - 1st Agay visit
Sara & Sylvain in the dining area...
...and in the terrace slope
Sylvain painting cellar walls
A "friend" tasting pasta
Preparing for dinner...
Even I helped a bit......
Summer - 2011
Christer & Mona - May 2011
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Click on Pics
Bob & Jan - May 2011
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Painting Kitchen Cabinets/Doors
With Anders & Gunilla - July  2011
Full concentration
Anders cleaning doorhinges